Nos. 1-64 (all publ.). Autumn 1964 - 1984. Original pictorial wrappers (nos. 49-64 with inobtrusive small library stamp).
Ed. by George Hitchcock, with contribs. by Kenneth Rexroth, Gary Snyder, M. McClure, Robert Bly, W.S. Merwin, Ed. Roditi, Anne Sexton, Paul Blackburn, Antin, Atwood, Levine, Ammons, Merwin, Simic, Knott, Tate, Roditi, Berry, Pillin, Blazek, Carver, Valaoriti s, Beiles, Sexton, Snyder, "found poems" and translations. One of the major literary and artistic periodicals of the period. "…particularly hospitable to surrealist, imagist and political poems…… welcomes vehement or ribald articles on the subject of modern poetry…" See Anderson/Kinzie, p. 707; Secret location p. 283.

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