Vol. 1 nos 1-12 (complete); Vol. 2 nos. 1- 6 (of 7). New York, Something Else Press, 1966- April 1973. Unbound (folded) as issued in good condition). Added: a variant of Vol. 1 no 6 ( bearing only the date May 1967, but without the volume/issue number and no price)
Together 18 Newsletters of the Something Else Press (and variant out of a total of 19 published, the last issue, vol. 2 no 7, dated April 1973 has in fact never been mailed). Each issue has 4 pages. All the lead-articles, e.g. 'Against Movements' (on Happenings, Concrete Poetry, Pop Art), 'Why do we publish so much Gertrude Stein?', 'Seen, Heard and Understood' (a defense of literature) are written by DICK HIGGINS. Added some ephemera of The Something Else Press:
- 2 typed letters to A. A. Bronson, editor of 'File';
- Advance Book Information, stencilled, 5 sheets;
- 2 order forms (4 pp. each), with extensive descriptions of the available titles;
-Two Invitations i.e.: The inauguration of Wolf Vostell's T.O.T. (= Technological Oak Tree), text by Dick Higgins, 4 pp., and an invitation to a party to launch John Giorno's publication 'Cancer in my Left Ball'; Catalogue Fall/Winter 1973/74. Booklet, format 22,5 x 9 cm), 48 pp.; 6 flyers, printed on carton in various colours, stapled tog., format 21,7 x 10 cm; a sheet of invoice-paper.