Series of 23 cardboard leaves, mainly 16,5 x 10,5 cm, with mounted (col.)ills. (each 5,2 x 7,5 cm), in various techniques.
All cards addressed and sent to the journalist and column writer Simon Carmiggelt, the first 19 to his house address, the later ones to the newspaper Het Parool for S. Carmiggelt.

EUR 600.00

A series of anonymous mail art objects, that were sent to newspaper journalists in the Netherlands during the years 1970-1972. The artists are not identified. Cards numbered 1-19 in blue ballpoint and 4 cards w. mounted cut out newspaper fragments, all cards with poststamp (postmarked 22/03/1974 to 04/05/1974) and wirth artists/senders stamp "Steinlens 2e procedure" (the last card also "galerie de Kluis"). 'Derdereeks 20steeeuws anoniem'.

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