Revista literaria

Vol. 1 no. 2 & Vol. 2 no 4. La Habana (Cuba). Marzo 1955 - Julio 1956. Original pictorial wrappers, with slight soilage, especially 2 no 4. .

EUR 400.00

Directed by José Rodriguez Feo. Two issues (out of ?) of this Cuban avant-garde periodical, with texts (and ills.) by Edouard Jaguer on Wilfredo Lam), Alfonso Reyes, Jorges Seferis, Miguel Angel Asturias, Ramon Ferreira, Cesar Fernandez Moreno, Jose Ferrator Moram Srephan Mallarmé, de Sade, Witold Gombrowics, J.S.Munoz Rojas, a.o.