Rivista trimestrale. (SILENCE printed on front cover, 'S WEKE on inside cover page 2).

Numero unico (in attesa di autorizzazione,), gennaio-marzo 1973. Napoli, Ed. Morra, 1973. 48 pages, printed on glossy paper, in original pictorial wrappers (31 x 31 cm). (The magazine has a faint trace of a fold in the middle, where it apparently has been kept bended on someones bookshelf, or was folded for mailin, causing some discoloration on the back cover, otherwise in very good condition). Important publication with numerous illustrations and photographs. Quite rare.

EUR 600.00

Responsable editor: Luciano Caruso. Cover designs by MEV2 (Musica Electronic Viva), Caruso-IBM, Giuseppe Desiato. Contrbutions by Emilio Villa, Jiri Kolar, Maurizio Nannucci, Mario Diacono, Jochen Gerz, Anna & Martino Oberto, MREV2 photographs, Giuseppe Morra (Centro d'Arte Europea), Alain Roussel, Maurice Roquet,,Théatre mental ( 5 photographs) Carmine Rezzuti, Dietrich Albrecht, Claus Böhmer, Bulkowski, Tim Ulrichs, and others.

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