A consecutive run (24 issues) of this mail-art quarterly, an assembling from contributor's submissions. Los Angeles, 1983-1989.The issues were numbered by the letters of the alphabet, and run from A to XX) there were two more projected (Y and Z) but we are unsure if they asctually were produced.. Added are three Postcards (Richard Meade, Visuelle Daten, Kassel, West Germany, and a portfolio "88", Tragbare Data 2. Okt.1988). Two of the original envelopes are preserved. According to Pernecky, p. 165 there were 26 numbers published and Y(ourself) and Z(ero) would thus be missinbg.

EUR 1,300.00

Edited by Richard Meade. Each issue was devoted to a theme starting with the letters of the alphabet , i.e. issue 1 "Animals", 2 "Baggage", 3 "Couple", 4 "Death", 5 "Erotic", and so on. Each issue limited to 150 copies. This run goes on through the letter "XX" (there were two more projected issues, Y and Z). Issue "Weird" includes the Frank Gehry page, apparently missing in some copies. The Portfolio Tragbare Daten is by Richard Meade, Vänci Stirneman, Victoria Zapata (signed). (Pernecky Géza, A Háló, page 53).