Nos. 1-26 (all publ.). Stuttgart, edition hansjörg mayer, 1967-1968. 26 leaves (48 x 48 cm), folded to 24 x 16 cm,Limited edition of 300 copies. A very good clean and bright set.
Series of broadsides for experimental Literature, Graphics and Typography, which derives its title from the use of the Futura type-face. Innovative lay-out. Each issue by an author and/or artist close to conceptual poetry, intermedia art and Fluxus. Contribs. by Max Bense, Ian Hamilton Finlay,
Diter Rot, Emmett Williams, Bob Cobbing,
Dick Higgins, Herman de Vries,
Robert Filliou, Peter Schmidt, Wolf Vostell, Hiro Kamimura, Mathias Goeritz, Klaus Burkhardt, Reinhard Dohl, Louis Zukofsky, Bohumila Grogerova, Josef Hirsal, Job Boj, Augusto de Campos, Edward Lucie Smith, , Frieder Nake, Carlo Belloli, Jonathan Williams, Pierre Garnier, Edwin Morgan, Andre Thomkins. Each number contains a short essay about the artist and his work and on the verso poster-sized folding out images, References: Archiv Sohm, p. 155.; Eye on Europe (MoMa); rare complete set.