A Magazine to Coordinate Marijuana Information.

Vol. 1 no 1-8 (of 9 published). Buffalo,NY., Oct./Dec.1968 - Oct./Dec. 1971. Orig.selfwrappers, 4to.; illustrated, on newsprint, slight foxing and some light staining; front page of no 4 with small stain no 8 with small defect, otherwise in good condition. Rare in a set.

EUR 7,000.00

Published by LEMAR International, edited by Michael Aldrich and Ed Sanders. Consultants: Allen Ginsberg, Leslie Fiedler, Joseph Oteri, Maria Juanita, and others. Contributions by John Sinclair, (d.a.levy) , Tim Leary, William Burroughs, John Kaplan, Lisa Bieberman. No. 1: Artwork John Chick; (No. 2 dedicated to d.a.levy, who died in Cleveland the previous November; No. 3: Frontcover Tim Leary, dedicated to the Leary case; No. 4: The Marijuana War; No.5: Free Tim Leary; No.6 front page drawing Donald Grau; No. 7: Cannabis papers). Artwork and photographs: Robin Sommers, Dana Young, John Chick, John Sanna, Doug Griffin, Donald Grau, Leni Sinclair, Tom Wright, etc. No. 8:defect on page 1/2, where two small lines from the colophon-text were cut out.; this affects the image somewhat, but else the numebr is quite good. No. 9, Septemer 1973 was the last published number.