The Magazine of High Society.

Nos. 1-10. Summer 1974 -June 1976. Bound in one volume, original wrappers preserved; only slightly trimmed. With all the advertisements. A good clean set.
Editor: Ed Dwyer. From the announcement-letter (May 16, 1974): "The Trans-High Corporation of New York announced today the publication of a new magazine. It offers extensive and sophisticated coverage of the pleasure and psychochemical culture.... articles ranging from the ecology of cannabis paper to an investigative report on a nine-ton pot bust. A regular feature of High Times is a comprehensive Wall Street Journal-type listing of psychochemical prices around the world (=in fact 'High Witness News'). Also featured are medical and legal columns written by leading experts as well as eclectic reviews of films, records and books. psychochemicals have become the cause of psychological and sociological problems; to alleviate these problems, the first step is to take a more thorough look. This is the purpose of High Times." Contribs. by Richard Ashley, Bruce Eisner, Albert Goldman, Michael Horowitz, Ron Rosenbaum, John Wilcock, Deanne Stillman, a.o. Besides subjects mentioned above also articles on pop-music and interviews.