A group of about 110 random issues published between end 1969 - 1975. (7 from 1969/70; 55 from 1971 and the remainder from later years). Tabloid (from vol. 6 onward tabloïds were folded to 21x28cm.). Generally in good condition,light soilage and edgewear.Details upon request.
Founded as an anti-establishment alternative newspaper in May 1967 by Pierre Coupey, Milton Acorn, Dan McLeod, Stan Persky, and others, and originally it operated as a collective. Issues are mostly 24 pages, with colourful (psychedelic) artwork on frontpages and in the middlespread and numerous illustrations and photographs. The paper was raided and fined by the Vancouver Police for publishing obscenities, and was often banned from distribution for its criticism of the local police and politicians, especially Mayor Tom Campbell. Those controversies ended in the 1970s, as the paper moved to become a more conventional news and entertainment weekly, albeit with a progressive editorial slant. The collection not collated in full detail, but the issues make the impression of being intact and complete.