Vol. 1-41. San Francisco, New York, 1962/63- 2003. Set in issues, with the original wrappers, in generally good to excellent condition. )

EUR 5,000.00

Good set, unbound, untrimmed, in the ORIGINAL WRAPPERS. RARE. The set lacks only one tiny issue (1 no 7) . Artforum was edited by John Irwin, Philip Leider, John Coplans, Joseph Masheck, Ingrid Sischy etc. Includes several much key thematic issues and covers, e.g. the September 1966 (vol. 5 no 1), Surrealism issue, with cover design by Edward Ruscha; the film issue Sept.1971; Vol 13 no 3 (Nov.1974) the issue with the notorious Lynda Benglis advertisement with large dildo; Arntzen/Rainwater Q 86.