Revista (bimestral).

Nos. 1-9 (all publ.). septiembre l960 -octubre l965. Original wrappers (Nos. 1-8 folio and large-4to; no. 9 large octavo size). Provenance: collection Federico Vogelius, with his small stamp on the front-covers. Publicity-banderollases of nos.1-8 preserved. Handwritten note on back-cover of no. 9. (Well preserved set, with only slight staining and paperspotting,in particular to no. 9)

EUR 700.00

Literary journal with an interest in avant-garde and modern trends in Latin America and outside, in particular France (Tel Quel). Editorial board: M. Benítez, E.Costa, C. Dujovne, M. Ezcurra, M. Fernández, A.Núñez, M.Papastamatin, R.M.Rey, M.Teglia, M.Dickman, A.Lede, L.Katz, J.M.Bottato, M.Marín. Responsable for the publication, from no 2 onw: Marta Teglia. Contributions by Saúl Karsz, Bernard Teyssedre (Realismo critico y vanguardia,Susana Thénon, Allen Ginsberg, E.De Ipola, Marta Nafe, Jaime Rest, Antonio Dal Masetto, Eduardo Costa, Enrique Molina, Carlos M.Gómez, Joyce Mansour, Sartre, Beckett, André Bazin,Albert Camus (unpublished letter from 1953), Alfred Jarry, Dylan Thomas transl. by Leandro Katz, Aimé Cesaire, Antonio Dal Massetto, Nathalie Sarraute, and the editors. (cf. «Las revistas literarias argentinas»página 292)