Collection comprising 10 issues of the periodicals Serpentina (l957-1958), Ka-Ba (1958 – 1959), Pamela 1243 (1959), Mediodía, (1963-1964) and Siglo 1 Poesia (published in Mexico) as detailed below. All issues are fragile and aside from occasional soilage and paperspotting in good condition.
The total price of the collection is:
= SERPENTINA (Buenos Aires). Numero 1. Primavera. 12 pages incl.wrappers, printed in red and black. 31,5 x 14.6 cm; Numero 2: Verano 1957. 24 pages, printed in b/w. 29.5 x 12,2 cm (from in total 4 numbers published). (No. 1 with small chip from bottom of front-cover, very light staining).
Director: Tilo Wenner. Artwork: Angel Juri. Editorial board: Luis A. Massa, Simon Kargieman, Raul Quevedo. With the collaboration of: Celia Gourinskii, Simon Kargierman, Hugo Loyácono, Raúl Quevedo, Luis E. Massa, Alejandra Pizarnik, Jorge A. Paradiso, Eduardo Garavaglia, Annelies Hager, St.ohn Perse, Pierre Doudemille, Precedes KA-BA (the organ of the experimental poetry school of Buenos Aires ).
==KA- BA . Organo de la escuela del espíritu experimental de Buenos Aires. Prolongación fundamental de Serpentina.Director: Tilo Wenner. Editors: Hugo Loyácono, L. Edgardo Massa, Eduardo Garavaglia. Lay-out: Rómulo Maccio. Reproductions of Maccio for the cover; Contributors: Víctor Chab, Pilles Ehrmann, Jacques Herold, Wilfredo Lam, Eduardo Garavaglia, Micheline Caty, H. De Champrel.
Numero 1 (all publ.). Buenos Aires, (Libreria Galatea, Via Monte 564). Noviembre 1958. 28 pages in illustrated wrappers. 18,5 x 25,7 cm. (Left bottom corner of the front-cover with light moisture stain, top end and right-hand side a bit shaven, back-cover slightly soiled and closed tear of ab. 1,5 cm). Internally well-preserved and clean.
ADDED: 1) a stencilled pamphlet: "Las causas intolerables" (Laid into the back) and, 2) a publicity leaflet, stencilled, with b/w illustration and text: "¡En pie de guerra!. Aniquilando la complicidad. Sin vacilación. KA-BA. Con el violento delirio de la destrucción." (light staining).
==PAMELA 1243. (Publicación de la Escuela del Espíritu Experimental de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, (KA- BA). Numero 1 (all publ.). Buenos Aires 1958. 8 pages, staples in the spines removed which caused about 0,3 x 0,5 cm loss of paper in the spine where the lower staple had been. Size: 28,8 x 21,6 cm. (Very light soilage to back cover, internally fine).
Directors: Tilo Wenner and Luis Edgardo Massa. Interesting typography and lay-out, partly as collages, typewritten and handwritten texts intermingled with illustrations and drawings. Tilo Wenner: 'in Situs. Bandera verde.' (Una metafísco del cuerpo El gran capón padre, Mama es un Araña?, Cuantos neuronas tiene Usted?. Text on procreation and coitus, one word corssed-out in ink). Gherasim Luca (Cuarta de hora metafisica), A photograph of a metaphysical sculpture of Jacques Herold, photographed with the artist and Luca. Paúl Yvenez (Yo se como toto el mundo), text with illustrative drawing in the margin), Tilo Wenner (Ejercicio para marcar un nuevo tiempo), handwritten text with illustrated drawings in the margin, Luis Edgardo Massa (la nuevas comparaciones), handwritten text with drawings in the margin. Black and white illustrations throughout.
==MEDIODIA. Aparece cada dos meses. Numero 1. Castelar (Buenos Aires), not dated [1963]. 12 pages, selfwrappers, illustrated; rusted staples; 27,7x22 cm. Together with Numero 2. Castelar (Buenos Aires), Octubre 1963. 24 pages in illustrated selfwrappers; stamp on the front cover; right upper-corner repaired. 18,8 x 28,7 cm. (From 6 numbers published, of which the last was a double issue. Both issues with light duststaining and browning, internally good).
Directors: Hugo Loyácono,Eduardo Garavaglio, Luis Massa, Raúl Quevedo, Ruben Tizziano, Tilo Wenner. Graphic design: Alfredo Esteban Rey. Illustrated throughout in black and white, drawings and woodcuts by Rios, Romberg, Celaya, Benítez, Rolón. The second number, in oblong size, includes work by Enrique Molina (text and drawing), Raúl Gustavo Aguirre, Raúl Quevedo, Hugo Loyácono, RubenTizziano, and woodcuts by Eduardo Vigo, Luciano Rolón,Raúl Soria, and Miguel Angel Rios. Drawings (some full page) by Daniel Zelaya, David Lamelas 2), Alfredo E.Rey, A photograph (composition) by Ronerto Alvardado. Texts by Amelia Nogueira, Antonio Vigo, Tilo Wenner, Eduardo Garavaglia, Luis Massa, Ruben Tizziani, Raúl Quevedo, Hugo Layocono. Number 1 opens with a manifest: "KA-BA, el espíritu experimental" "..leido y distribuido en el famoso anti-espectáculo ofrecido en el desaparecido Salón Kraft, el cinco de octubre de 1959...".
==ARTE Y CRITICA. Publicación mensual de cultura. Numero 2. Buenos Aires, Agosto 1964. Original pictorial self-wrappers, 24 pages. 32 x 23,4 cm. (light staining and foxing of front and back covers, internally clean).
Directors: Ruben Vela and Tilo Wenner. Editorial Secretary: Celia Paschero. - Miguel A. Ríos (Frontcover). With the collaboration of Daniel Lamelas, Enrique Romano, Aldo Paparaella, Rolón, Oliveira. Notas de Enrique Molina, Basilia Papasmatiu, Alejandra Pizarnik, Hugo Loyácono, Sergio Mulet, Ruben Vela (On Jackson Pollock), Octavio Paz.
==SIGLO 1 - POESIA. Mensual de poesía, prosa, ensayo, artes plásticas. México, D.F.
A group of 3 numbers as follows: Numero 1, marzo de 1964. A sheet of 42,5 x 60 cm, folded to 24 pages measuring 21,5 x 10,5 cm; Numero 3, mayo de 1964. A sheet of 47,5 x 69 cm, folded to 24 pages measuring 23,8 x 12 cm.; Numero 7 noviembre de 1964. Sheet of 44 x 70 cm, folded to 24 pages measuring 22,6 x 2 cm.
(From an unknown number of issues published). Large sheets of kraft-paper with text typeset or made with a typewriter, illustrated throughout and printed in black with green-, black with purple- and black with red ink. (Paper browned, and some wear on the folds).
Editor Alfonso Loya. With collaboration of Tilo Wenner, Raquel Jodorowsky, Mary Ferrero, Antonio Sosa, Thelma Nava, Hugo Loyácono, Homero Aridjis, Gonzalo Arango, Arturo Calderón, Julio Cortázar, Enrique Bessonart, Federico Campbell. Innovatively designed with texts and illustrations laid-out on large sheets, illustrations based on 15th-18th century woodcuts, drawings by Steinberg, Enrique Bessonart, Alfredo Barazza. The apparently precarious financial situation of the publication is demonstrated by the following SOS-text in no. 3: "Siglo 1- (su revista favorita) Aclama todo tipo de apoyo metálico y aliento de sus lectores....Gracias. El Editor".

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