Magazine of contemporary art in Europe/ Tijdschrift voor hedendaagse kunst in Europa.

Nos. 1-53 (all publ.). Antwerpen, 1983/84-1994. Original pictorial wrappers; 4to.
Magazine of contemporary art in Europe, particularly Flanders. Contribs. in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian. Edited by and contribs. of: Flor Bex, Leo v. Damme, Georges Roque, Saskia Bos, Wim v. Mulders, Catherine Strasser, a.o. It was glossy, eager in its international aspirations, and was the first in Belgium to introduce the extravagant adverts that have come to be part of any successful international art periodical. It balanced text with large, attractive illustrations, and its aim was to present the latest art to a broad readership of art-lovers and buyers

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