Edited by Kees van KOOTEN en Wim de BIE.

Nos. 1-4 (18 DEC.1982; 22 JAN 1983; 19 FEB.1983; 19 MAART 1983), Together with: Juiner Nieuwsblad,20 Feb. 1983 (Together 5 issues, all publ.). Tabloid, b/w and red.
Added: "Goedgejeurd door het Simplistisch Verbund", special issue of VPRO-Television Guide, illustrated with photographs of Kooten and de Bie.

EUR 400.00

Kees van Kooten and Wim de Bie were the inventors of and actors in a very popular TV program in The Netherlands. They published (a.o.) this "newspaper for the imaginary township "Groot Juinen":
"Nieuwsblad voor Groot-Juinen (w.o. Zeulen, Deil, Ter Waksel, Juinerbroek, Den Eng, Remmerden, Slaepstede, Trichterhuizen, en De Mars". Texts and images by themselves. Rare complete !