VOSTELL: Poster for Exhibition DOGS AND CHINESE NOT ALLOWED. Exhibition of Notations and Erasures of the Happening at the Something Else Gallery, May, 28 through June 8th,1966. Opening of the Exhition May 27th…; Dé-coll/ages-Happening at 9:oo pm. WOLF VOSTELL. Printed in purple on off-white stock. Size (h/w) 54x75 cm, folded to 13x19 cm for mailing. Mint condition.
Text by Vostell, with plan of the subway and one drawing. - The happening, which lasted 14 days, took place all over New York and used the entire subway network. On the backside a full list of publications distributed by Something Else Press for Typos Verlag such as Vostells Dé-coll/age nos 4 and 5, and others.