Geïllustreerd tijdschrift. Edited by Martin Bril, Edzard Dideric, Rob Scholte, Dirk van Weelden.

Nos. 1-2 (all published). Amsterdam (Eigen Beheer), June-November 1983. 4to, 159; 180 pp; illustrated. With designed covers: Cover of No. 1 is a handcoloured etching by ROB SCHOLTE; cover of No. 2 handmade by Pieter Bijwaard (bubble plastic).
Dutch artist periodical printed in 100 (not numbered) copies, especially of importance for Rob Scholte's cover (Leo Belgicus). Book production by Pieter Bijwaard, printed in photocopy with black-and-white illustrations. Apart from the editors contributions by Rob Scholte (de Kreek der Zonde), Rob Schouten ,Aldert Mantje, Martin Bril, René Daniels,Walter Carpaij, Maarten Ploeg, Dirk van Weelden, Koos Dalstra a.o. Added a stencilled prospectus.
Rare complete set.

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