Geïllustreerd tijdschrift. Edited by Martin Bril, Edzard Dideric, Rob Scholte, Dirk van Weelden.

Nos. 1-2 (all published). Amsterdam (Eigen Beheer), June-November 1983. 4to, 159; 180 pp; illustrated. With designed covers: Cover of No. 1 is a handcoloured etching by ROB SCHOLTE; cover of No. 2 handmade by Pieter Bijwaard.

EUR 1,400.00

Dutch artist periodical printed in 100 copies, much searched after for Rob Scholte's cover; interior printed in photocopy with b/w illustrations. Apart from the editors contributions by Rob Schouten, Aldert Mantje, Nartin Bril, René Daniels,Walter Carpaij, Maarten Ploeg a.o. Added a stencilled prospectus.