Cardboard box (2,5 x 31 x 22) Trier: Éditions Trèves, Juni 1975.Containing a collection of poetry, prose, a photograph and graphics (all loose as published, mostly mimeographed).
Vertrieb: Dieter Walter, Hattingen. We were unable to ascertain if this is the only volume published. With contributions by: bahl, bottinelli, ingo cesaro, julien czalaun. bernhar hoffmann, hans joachim kann, horst knauf, rolf mörschel, norbert ney, robert messmer, rb (rainer breuer) orig.fotografik (s/b/n/d), heinrich retörsch, salzburger autorengruppe projektIL/ christine und eberhard haidegger: lyrik und ‘Schneckenhaus’ , theo schneider, reutlinger drucke, postkartenset der edition leonhard als beilage, cartoongrafik von jan totnaschoff .The signed text page by Botinelli is missing as well as the booklet ‘peni-vagi by heinrich retörsch, But there are three additional booklets that are not mentioned in the table of contents.