Nos. 1-5. Frankfurt (Patio Verlag). 1977. Orig. pictorial wrappers; 8vo; stapled. Added: Prospectus of Patio Verlag.
PAtios RAritaten BUcher (texts you are unable to find anywhere else) is a series published by Patio (Karl Riha). Texts in German. Nr. 1. E. Ullirsch: Goethe als Dadaist (1919). Mit einem Nachwort von Karl Riha. 16 pages ; Nr. 2, Hans Wald : Wissen-schafts-prosa, eine Parodie, 20 pages ; Nr. 3, Wolfgang Maier: Beiläufig Bundeseck, Erzählung. 20 pages ; Nr. 4, Agno Stwitsch : Alles zielt auf einen punkt (1963/65). 38 pages ; Nr. 5, Raoul Hausmann : Die Sprache der Fische und Vogel und die Phonie. 16 pages. Nr. 1prints a text of an unknown author published in a daily paper in 1919 in which Goethe is presented as a pre-Dadaist. Nr. 2 is a parody on a text by Benno von Wiessen's introduction on "Die Deutsche Tragodie…." in which the crucial words in the texts are simply switched or replaced by signs: tragische-tragodie; komische-komedie; musikalische - musik; witzige -witz…..Nr. 3 a story about a writers bar in Berlin in the 60's; Nr.4 An issue with visual poetry by 'agnostowich'. Nr. 5 a first publication of a text by Raoul Hausmann. All 5 issues with a Post face by Karl Riha.