Vol. 1 nos. 1-5 (all); Vol. 2 nos. 1-4 (all); Vol. 3 nos. 1-2 (all, no. 2 as "The Final Unsound"). Complete ,all published. San Francisco, Ca. 1983-1985. Original wrappers, stapled; 15-27 cm. The final issue is a folder in a plastic bag consisting of a tabloïd issue, two booklets and an audio cassette. (Small imperfection to frontcover of no. 1, otherwise all numbers in excellent condition).

EUR 1,000.00

The complete set of this mixture of art, photography, music and other media, comprising 10 physical issues (vol. 2 no 3/4 is double) and the Final Issue. Editors: William S. Davenport, Christopher N. Rankin and Tamara F. ". . . Unsound was established as a venue for artists, groups and organisations, working within areas where promotional/exposure outlets were limited, or as in most cases, non-existent. Covers by D. Cremieux, H. Dekomposition, Mark Klee, Mary O'Neil, Paul H.O., T.M. Caldwell and others. Issues varying in length from 40 -65 pages. THE FINAL UNSOUND. Vol. 3 no 2.1985 consists of colophon, two booklets and an audio cassette in a folder enclosed in a plastic bag. Further details and list of contributors on the website or on request. Artists included: Culturcide, The L.A. Experiment, Electronic Underground, Birthday Party, P. Meyer, Whitehouse, Kommunity FK, Xerox Sutra Editions, Z'ev,P.I.L., Debt of Nature, P. Ratt, S.C. Hunt, R. Farrel, P. Edlund, W. Torphy, D. Banda, D. Cremieux, G. Helfand a.o,.

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