No. 1 (of 2 numbers published). Analytical Art Press, Coventry, UK. July 1971. 67(68)pages, in printed wrappers, stapled. (14,5 x 21 cm), slight staining on the covers.
Edited by Kevin Lole, Philip Pilkington and David Rushton. Texts by: P. Pilkington, D. Rushton, K. Lole, T. Atkinson, M.Baldwin, G. Howard, I. Burn, M. Ramsden, P. Smith and C.J. Willsmore.
Analytical Art was effectively subsumed by Art-Language in 1972.' [Aarons & Roth - In Numbers. Serial Publications by Artists since 1955, pp. 70-77]. Thus Analytical Art ran only to two issues, and remains one of the scarce early documents of Art & Language. The Press also published "The Monogram Series" and "The Monograph Series" . This publication was incorporated in Art-Language in 1972.