Number 1. Association Belle Haleine, Paris, France. February 23 - April 17, 1994. 64 pages. Printed in black, magenta, green;pictorial wrappers (18,2 x 24,5 cm). Photographically illustrated.

EUR 200.00

"In 1992, Elein Fleiss and Olivier Zahm started the magazine Purple Prose as a reaction against the superficial glamour of the 1980’s; much as a part of the global counterculture at the time, inspired by magazines like Interview, Ray Gun, Nova, and Helmut Newton’s Illustrated, but with the aesthetics of what usually is referred to as anti-fashion". There were 13 issues published, and several other "Purple" magazines were published as offspring. Directrice de la Rédaction: Elein Fleiss .Contributors: A. Zittel, R. Bogwa, J. Avgikos, M. Kippenberger, (Courrier, mail from Vienna), P. Van Caeckenbergh (interview with Lieven Van Den Abeele), V. Glabel, J.-L.Vilmouth, D. Lerner, J. Koethe (Interview), J.-C. Menu, Havhivi Edgard Heep of Birds, P. Bouchitey, D. Robbins, Kitten, F. Roche, D. Blair, H. Bond, J. Decter, Inian Summer, (The Elephant Siam , interviews Jean-Luc Vilmouth) , D. Oletsijczuk, D. Jasiak, P. Flessig, Z. Veilhan and J. Rian. Texts in French and English