Rivista di letteratura diretta da Luciano Anceschi.

(Series 1:) Anno 1-5 (complete in 26 numbers). Milano, Rusconi e Paolazzi Editori, 1956-1961. Continued as: (Series 2:) Nos. 1-40 (all publ.). Milano, Feltrinelli, 1962-1972. Continued as: (Series 3-9: ) Together 64 numbers (all and last published). Milano, edizioni del Verri; Mucchi editore. Marzo 1973 - settembre/dicembre 1995. All in the original pictorial wrappers, in perfect state of conservation. With Autograph dedication by Anceschi to Eugenio Montale on the inside cover of Number 1.
Complete collection of this famous art and literary periodical founded in Milano by Luciano Anceshi (who died in 1995, after which the publication came to an end). Named after the café "verri"in Milano where young intellectuals like Nanni Balestrini, Antonio Porta, Giuseppe Pontiggia, Eduardo Sanguinetti, Elio Pagliarani, Alfredo Giusliani and others gathered. It became the organ of the 'neoavantgardia' of the sixties, and the exponent of the "Gruppo 63" (which was created after the conference in Palermo in 1963). An exceptional complete ensemble of all the various stages of this publication.

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