TRANS > arts, cultures, media

Vol. 1 no 2. New York 1996. 26x21 cm. 149 pages, ills. Original wrappers. Fine.
-Together with:
-Vol.8. New York 2000. 26 x 21 cm, 323 pages and ills.
- Vol.9/10. New York 2001. 26 x 21 cm, 369 pages, ills.; original wrappers.
- Together with Paul McCarthy´s "TRANS>gum" an edible image of Santa Claus, hand silk-screened onto an 26 x 21 cm large piece of chewing gum". (Note": the chewing gum dried out and broken, but complete and kept under plastic foil).
Edited by Sandra Antelo-Suarez . Texts in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
Vol. 1 no 2: "Concerns the inter-disciplinary trespassing of different activities and fields, cities, globalization and information technology, ....". projects by Meyer Vaisman & Marina Abramovic , Aziz & Cucher, Sigfredo Chacón, Eugenio Dittborn, José Gabriel Fernandez, Ilya Kabakov, Guillermo Kuitca, Diana Lopez, Cildo Meireles, Alfredo Ramirez, Julia Scher.
Vol. 8:"Concerns artistic and archi-tectural interventions in megacities, relationaship between art and a work of art, ...". Orig.prijects of McCarthy ("TRANS-gum"), Olafur Eliasson (Synaesthetics, a scratch and sniff project: 8 cents are imprinted in the pages and the reader is invited to reveal them ), Cabelo ("Cefaló-pode Heptópode" a sketch of a performance), Minerva Cuevas (introduces "new products" by Mejor Vida corp., which are donated free of charge through the website), Janet Cardiff (Drogan´s Nightmare),Lee Mingwei (Headlands ). Vol. 9/10 projects by Tacita Dean, Janet Cardiff, Arturo Herrera, Marjetica Potrc, Paul Ramírez Jonas, Bonnie Collura, Beatriz Milhazes.