Nos. 1-2 (all publ.?). Glassboro, NJ: Art Department Glassboro State College. 1983/84. Loose sheets in plastic pouches (some toner offsetted on the inside of the plastic). Unpaginated. (30x23cm).

EUR 850.00

Editors: Bob Cardano, Maryann Koury, Attila Kasco-Matusek, Des McLean. Assembling (100 copies): Photocopied, rubberstamped, handcolored additions; drawing (paint, photocopied); print (photocopied, rubberstamped, handcolored); pages (photocopied colored, collaged, paper, ink, collaged, paper; booklet (concertina, photocopied); photograph b&w, color photographs, cards; loose sheets (play money,clipped). envelope (polyvinyl). Contributors: V. Baroni; M. Bloch; Creative Thing; S. Jackson; T. Kupferberg; D, McLean; Private World; M. Row; S. Shimamoto; L. Spiegelman; Voodoo; L. Suel; M. Cranston .R. Cohen; N. d'Arbeloff; P. Fish; J. Lipman; R. Maggi; JO. Olbrich; J. Pyros; J. Massa and others.