Nos. 1-12 (all published, but without no. 11). New York, NY, New Wilderness Foundation, 1977-1984. Orig.pictorial wrappers, varying sizes (27,5 x 21,5 to 21 x 14cm).
Edited by Jerome Rothenberg. Managing editor: Diane Rothenberg. No.1: Contributions by Harold Cohen and J. Rothenberg. No. 2:The Poetry of Numbers”: Poems by Gertrude Stein, Charles Olson, Charlie Morrow, Kurt Schwitters, Karen Shaw, Jackson Mac Low, Steve Mcaffery a.o. No. 3/4: ( 40pp).Contributions by M. McClure, Paulina Oliveros, Allan Kaprow, Dick Higgins and others. Added: ephemera and supplement. No. 5/6: Includes Keith Wilson, Edmond Jabes, Navajo, Hebrew and Chinese texts and others. No. 7: E. Jabès, J.-P. Faye, L. Montano a.o. No. 8: E. Cardenal,A. Knowles, K. Friedman a.o. No. 9: Allen Ginsberg, A. Artaud, B. Einzig a.o. No. 10, special Dream-Work Issue, edited by Barbara Einzig: S. Hiller, G. Hendricks, C. Schneemann, J. Mac Low, B. Cohen &P. Oliveros a.o. (Cover photo by Lisa Kaghane (Carolee Schneemann performing. No. 12: (also entitled WCH Way 5), edited by D. Byrd and J. Rasula.