Nos. 1-5 (all publ.). Luxemburg (Hersberg), 1977- 1981. Original (pictorial) wrappers. (Limited edition of 600 copies for the complete set).

EUR 1,200.00

Experimental/visual poetry magazine. Edited by Marcello Angioni, corresponding editors: Franco Beltrametti & Harry Hoogstraten. Cover by Franco Beltrametti. Includes work by Philip Whalen, Julien Blaine, Adriano Spatola, Richard Kostalanetz. Jochen Gerz, James Koller, Joe Brainard, Anne Waldman, Jack Hirschman, Franco Beltrametti, Michael Gibbs, Suse Hahn, Julian Blaine, Steve Lacy, Anne Waldman, Clark Weissner, Franco Beltrametti, Dieter Roth, Dick Higgins (No.5), Charles Plymell, Henni Koster, Harry Hoogstraten, John Cage (No.4), Rob Stolk and many more.