DA AU DELA (Da -a/u delà)

A magazine of arts and literature.

(No. 1, only published). Milano, ottobre 1966 (Stampa Arti grafiche La Monzese). (w/h 13,5 x 26,3 cm, stiff wrappers, containing 2 sheets in harmonica folding, opening to 14 pages of 6,2 x 26,2 cm and one loose insert of 12 x 26,2 cm printed on the same stock as the covers).

EUR 600.00

Edita da/ published by "ED.912" Edizioni di cultura contemporanea. Contains texts and illustrations (b&w only) of Slvano Bussotti, Ben Vautier, Emilio Villa, Lourdes Castro, André Balthasar, René Berthold, George Brecht, La Monte Young, Magdalo Musio,, Dick Higgins, Wolf Vostell, Daniela Palazzoli, and others.