Ideas, letras, artes.

The most important critical periodical of South America in the early seventies, complete for the first period of publication. Forced to close down under pressure of the censorship of the Junta. (Primera Época) Numbers 1-40 (all publ) . Buenos Aires, May 1973 - August 1976. In the original pictorial wrappers and nearly always with the added separate serigraphy or loose supplement. TOGETHER WITH ARCHIVAL MATERIAL from the director Federico Vogelius consisting of: - Some original manuscripts - Original drawings (partly signed) made by various artists for the periodical in pencil and ink (in total 130 of which 80 were identified as having actually been used and published in the magazine, and 50 unidentified or unpublished) - 24 of the original mock-ups (mostly in colour gouache with collage) for the strong colourful covers (along with several other designs for the related book series) - Two albums of original drawings by P. Ugarte related to the Quinta of Vogelius.
Provenance: the director of the magazine and owner of the publishing house Federico Vogelius. Crisis was edited by Eduardo Galeano. Designed by Eduardo Ruccio Sarlanga, graphic coördination Luis Sabini Fernandez, and mainstay of the artistic part was Hermengildo Sábat, of whom many original drawings are included in the collection. Julia Constenla was editorial secretary. Vogelius actively supported the literary and visual arts in Argentina in many ways and patronized painters and writers. Crisis was his publication. And critical in many aspects it was naturally object of the censors under the military dictatorship, and was forced to cease publication. Vogelius was imprisoned for three years and tortured. Under pressure of the International Pen Club and after petitions of international authors like Heinrich Böll and José Bergamin, he was finally released. In Crisis many of the most renowned intellectuals of the period collaborated, a.o.: Eduardo Galeano, the painter "Beto"Presas, Osvaldo Soriano, Haroldo Conti (one of those who disappeared, in May 1976), Osvaldo Bayer, Rodolfo Walsh, Anibal Ford, Juan Gelman, Rogelio Garcia Lupo, Jorge Rivera, Eduardo Romano, Jorge Laforgue, Miguel Bonasso, Mario Benedtti, Tomás Eloy, together with artists, illustrators (many drawings are by Sábat) and painters. Further details and more images can be supplied on demand.