Numbers 2, 3/4, 5 and 8. Bordeaux, 1978-Hiver 1981/82. Original pictorial wrappers.
Rare early numbers of this journal published in Bordeaux in the Eighties by Michel Aphesbero, with correspondents in Barcelona, Rome and New York:
"4 Taxis moves about between 4 cities... a quarterly publication of works (photos, drawings, texts...) designed for the magazine... 4 Taxis appears unnecessary 4 Taxis appears unnecessarily". Editing staff: Françoise Aphesbero, Michel Aphesbero, Danielle Colomine, Christian Gouby, Jaume VallcorbaPlana. Contr. incl.: Christian Boltanski, Annette Messager, Pablo Echaurren, Steve Payne, Mac Adams... Special topics: - Issue no. 2 (august 1978) entitled
"Parfum de New York" with special contr. by Peter Grass, Italo Scanga, Mike Robinson ("Dirty sex photo"), Jimmy de Sana ("Esclave"),Nicholas Hondrogen, Pat Place, Italo Scanga, Peter Grass, Mike Robinson, Steve Gianakos, Jimmy de Sana, Patrick Gifreu, Claudia Salaris, Pablo Echaurren, Lefevre Jean Claude,Michel Bourel, Dominique Marchès, Daniel Busto this issue limited to 650 unsigned copies… - Issue no. 3/4 (March 1979) entitled
"Folie noire" / "Mystery Rages" dedicated to "romans noirs" with special contr. by Francis Mériguet, Ch. Bourel, Alain Lestié, Jean-Christophe Christoflour, Jean Le Gac, John Howell, Tony Mascatello,… Francis Mériguet, Christine Bourel, Alain Lestié, Jean-François Christoflour, Jean Le Gac, Pedro Bustos Domecq y Ortega y Gachet’, Danielle Colomine, Tallers “Pessic”, Jean Calens, Michel Rubio, Sergi Capellas, Pablo Echaurren, Luigi Ontani, Martine Aballéa, John Howell, Tony Mascatello, Steve Payne, Mac Adams - Issue no. 5 (summer 1980) "Waiting for your taxi which taxi never comes" and bears a title "cover issue" and a sub-title "a notebook for travel & holidays" and therein presents blank pages except for a double page parodying "Le Monde".. - Issue No. 8 Berlin (suite), Walter R, , Barcelone déraille (Steva Terrades). Impresions de Majorque,Neon de Surol Joan Brossa, Enric Satué, Marta Sentis, Manuel Forasté, Quim Monzo, Jean Calens, Patrick Gifreu, Ouka Lele, Laurie (6 photographies de Barcelone: Muxart, Bover, Freixa, Casals, Bover, Frroxa, Rivas)

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