Vol 2 no 3 (Oct. 1967); Vol. 2 no 5 (Nov. 16,1967); Vol. 2 no 7 ( Dec. 11, 1967).Vol. 3 no 1. ( Feb. 15, 1967), Vol. 3 no 3 (March 1967). Seattle, 1967/1968. Tabloïds, with multi-colour wrappers, b/w inside. (Wear at the edges,and some tears in the spines, but generally well preserved).

EUR 350.00

Group of 5 issues of this Underground paper from Seattle, with much attentiont to drugs, the Vietnam war the Seattle resistance, psychedelic art, music. Features on The Fugs, Tom Robbins on Jimmy Hendrix, Seattle is a Summer Festival, a sneak preview; Jack Leahy, Dr.Bearman (The Fix), Jack Delay (column on Dope), Numerous illustrations, photoocompositions etc.