Complete collection, with additions and some numbers WITH VARIANTS, as follows:
- First announcement of forthcoming publication: HANDBILL (27,5 x21,3 cm). Printed in b/w on white stock: "Coming soon. P.O. Frisco. An experiment in Communication. Towards a politics of Joy and Culture". Followed by:
- P. O. FRISCO. Vol. 1 no 1 (The Renegade Oracle. Signed in pencil bythe editor). Followed by:
- SAN FRANCISCO ORACLE. Nos. 1-12 (all publ.). San Francisco, 1966-1967; With the following variants:
- Number 7 in first and second printing, with different page-layout for the covers as well as inside, the first printing (with the photocredit to Paul Kegan in the left bottom of the front cover)
- Number 8 in 3 variant versions, each with slightly modified front-page, different colour schemes inside and the photo by Michael Hilsenrad twice in purple and once in blue
- Number 10 in 2 variant versions, one with the Mandala image by Peter Legeria. All tabloïd size. Unbound in the original issues, excellent set in good to almost mint condition, in spite of the fragility of the paper; endemic browning but otherwise clean; the handbill has a closed tear, but is otherwise in quite good and clean condition. The best set one could imagine of this periodical, overall in clean bright condition.
The most illustrious underground paper of the hippie era, together with its predecessor and the rare handbill. Edited by Allen Cohen & Joe Dana (Master Coordinator). Published in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury during the "Summer of Love", this paper became famous for it's lavish color psychedelic art. With work of the famous S.F. Rock poster artists like Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse, Michael Bowen, Tom Weir, Bruce Conner, Susan Branaman, Bryden, Timothy, Page Brownton, Pamela Millward, Mike Hannon, etc. With contribs. by or features on: Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Lew Welch, Gary Snyder, Timothy Leary, Michael McClure, William Burroughs, Paul Krassner, John Sinclair, a.o. Articles devoted to LSD, the exorcism of the Pentagon, communes, meditation, the Diggers, Hell's Angels, etc. The front page of the first number opens with 'Haight-Ashbury meets police'. One of the most historically significant and visually stunning productions of the '60s counterculture at its peak. While later issues are relatively common, the early issues are rare and a complete set with the variants like this is very rare.

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