Tijdschrift voor teksten.

Nos. 1-91 (all published, nos-1-87 of the first series and nos 88-91 published later, see below)..Amsterdam, 1958-1971 and 1989-1999/2019.. Original wrappers; tall narrow folio (no. 1, 8vo.); till no 35 stencilled.. No. 75 is the record by Jan Hanlo. All in original first edition and in good condition (except some damage on lower part of front-cover of no. 7 and no 9 in photocopy) ADDITIONS: nr. 47B (= Gemeen Goed Uitgave nummer 3, december 1976; a small portfolio) - Barbarber 1968: Vouwblad met 3 gedichten. Folded sheet. Edited, numbered, and signed by the three poets: J. Bernlef, G. Brands, K. Schippers, in only 50 copies. - Numbers 88 and 89 (Published 19 years later) Barbarber 88. Oude kuk Reinold Kuipers: c'est notre père. (Amst.), J. Bernlef, G. Brands and K. Schippers, "26 augustus 1989", (4)p., linocut by P.Y. DE VRIES, printed by Ser J.L. Prop in 75 copies, orig. wr., sm. folio. = "Deze uitgave is gemaakt voor Reinold Kuipers, ter gelegenheid van zijn vijfenzeventigste verjaardag (...) Barbarber 89. (Amst.), Barbarber, 1990, bottle of wine (Côtes du Ventoux, Domaine la Reynarde 1988) w. printed colophon label on the back. - Sm. scratch on front label. = Very rare, unopened bottle. "Barbarber 89 verschijnt in een oplage van 144 exemplaren in februari 1990. Elk nummer is door de redactie gesigneerd." Signed by J. BERNLEF, G. BRANDS and K. SCHIPPERS. PLUS: Together with No. 90 (Barbarber Alfabet). Amsterdam, Em.Querido,1990. 3975 pages, bound, with orig. wrapper: by J. Bernlef, G. Brands and K. Schippers; -No. 91. Barbarbar DVD. 1991. and extra edition: BBB-Extra Zending. Published by Demian at the occasion of the exhibition in Antwerp 2018/2019.

EUR 5,000.00

Edited by J. Bernlef, G. Brands and K. Schippers. Extremely rare complete set (initially from an edition of 100 copies only) of one of the most influential periodicals of literary avant-garde and innovation in The Netherlands, following and continuing the Generation of the Fifties. Experimental and concrete poetry, ready-mades, by o.a. Buddingh, van Geel, Jan Hanlo, Jos Ruting, T.M.F. Steen, Campert, M. Stigter, Bert Voeten, E. Warries, a.o.

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