Organe québécois de la pensée magique, du rock international, et du gay sçavoir.

No. 1 [octobre 1970] thru No. 78 [Eté 1978]. Quebec, Mainmise, 1970-1978. Nos 1 à 20 and number 'Best of La dope'”, [1972], 21 numbers in-8 [11,5 X 18,5 cm] ab.224/240 pages,illustsrated, Nos 21 à 52, 32 numbers [20 X 27,5 cm.] comprising 64 pages each, illustrated,stapled; Nos. 53 à 78, 26 numbers [29 X 37 cm]. Each 48 pages, illustrated. All numbers with a different illustrated over. Added: Le petit supplément illustré” Nos 1- 9. 1975. [Complete ?] 9 numbers [36X 27cm.] 176 pp of comics with coninuing pagination.
Rock international. Founded by Jean Basile and Georges Khalm, member of the Underground Press Syndicate (publié par Pénélope, distribué par les Messageries du Jour).
Complete collection of this periodical of the counter-culture movement of Quebec, advocating and reporting on alternative lifestyles and utopian ideology. Abundantly illustrated a.o. by Robert Crumb, R. Cobb, Guynard, M. Pouliot, Baloune etc, Articles and contributions by Pénélope & Linda Gaboriau, Christian Allegre, Jean Basile Bezroudnoff, Kenneth Chalk, Georges Kahl, Denis Vanier, Raymon Lavallée, Buckminster Fuller, Marshall McLuhan, L. Clark Steven, Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, a manifest of homosexual liberation (Carl Wittman), etc. Special issues on all the topics of the time: drugs, free sex, free schools, ecological issues, the media, womens liberation, etc. All in good condition except for some flaws to the covers of numbers 21-28-31-37-47-49 and 52 and ballpen mark on number 40. Number 4 has the folding Quebec-Marijuana-banner which was a supplement.

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