Très beau, pas cher : Journal de bandes dessinées

Nos. 1- 22 (all published, complete set), Paris, Société de presse «Le pop», then éd. Balland after No. 12 , mai 1971- mai 1974. Original pictorial wrappers, first 11 numbers 29x42 cm, then becoming 21x30cm. TOGETHER WITH: POLITICON. Supplément hebdomadaire à “Zinc” (très beau mensuel). Editeur Jean Balland. No. 1-4. Paris, Balland, 12 avril, 19 avril, 26 avril et 3 mai 1974. 4 numbers of each 8 pages, 29 x 42 cm.
Directed by Pierre Guitton, then after No. 12: Balland. The first French comics magazine for young adults with subversive political anti-establishment content, dealing with all the topics of the time and promoting sexual liberation. Directed by Pierre Guitton and Gilles Nicoulaud, assisted by Soulas, Bertrand, Hugot, Berroyer, Bob, Lesluin, a.o.; the supplement Politicon comments and caricaturizes the French political scene, and is particularly interesting for the 1974 presidential elections. A rare set.

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