PAMELA 1243: The ORIGINAL ARTWORK AND PASTE-UP (Maquette) used to print this magazine, which was published in Buenos Aires in 1958. 8 sheets of 31,5 x 24 cm, pasted onto larger beige cardboard sheets of double that size, folded in the spine to form a booklet. (The final printed issue is about 10% smaller in size). Page 1: collage of thick black paper, and white paper superimposed for the titelage, pasted on a black ink-drawing heightened with white gouache. Page 2: typewritten text (with ink corrections) and manually cut-out lettering for the masthead, handwritten texts in black ink and black paper collages in the margin. Page 3: typewritten text with manually cut-out lettering 'Gherasim Luca - Cuarto de hora de Metafisica'. On the right-hand side an original photograph (18 x 12,7 cm) showing an 'Escultura Fisica' by Jacques Herold, flanked by the artist together with G. Luca (the photograph is smudged by white gouache, after the actual printing, as this is not showing in the finalised issue); Page 4: typewritten text by Paul Yvenez 'Yo se como todo el mondo' (extractado de la Rose Parallele, inédito). In the left corner a drawing in black ink, 9,5 x 12,8 cm (heightened with some white gouache) pasted onto the beige underground, and 2 smaller inkdrawings pasted as collages around the text; Page 5: a nicely executed handwritten text in black ink entitled 'Ejercicio para marcar un nuevo tiempo' by Tilo Wenner, the page decorated by an ink-drawing of ab. 5 x 22 cm pasted above the text, an ink-drawing of ab. 8x 6,5 cm and 6,5 x 9,5 cm (drawn directly on the paper) adorning the handwritten text, also some small black paper collages; Page 6: nicely handwritten text by Luis Massa, 'Llas Nuevas comparaciones', adorned by two pasted black inkdrawings (14,4 x 7,2 cm and 13 x 6,8 cm). Page 7: typewritten text, following the text of page 2, with handwritten additions and the name of Tilo Wenner; Page 8 depicts an exploding bomb, collage based on a cut-out of an image of a horse's leg, with black ink applied, manually cut-out text 'Europa Servirá?', and neatly handwritteng in black ink 'El lenguaje de la bombia atómica es una enseñanza europeo-norteamericana. Igual el ser America no puede justificar esto. !América es revolución!'. Handwritten in pencil the instruction for the measurements for printing (44 cm for two facing pages of the front and back cover). The maquette is well-preserved, having served in the printshop it has some light staining, likely caused by chemicals.

EUR 4,000.00

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