Nos. 1-6 (all published). Citadelle Press, London, May 1968 - 1969. Printed on various coloured stock, 30-34 pages per number, stapled into colourful pictorial wrappers; numerous ills. Mystical Scene Magazine. (Nos. 1-2: Fear Not- You are now entering Gandalf's Garden; No.3: A New World grows beneath the snows; No. 4: the inner zodiac wheels between the leaves; No. 5: beyond the brain& blown mind lies Gandal's Garden). Except for some very light soilage to covers in fine condition. Very rare. Added: CD: The complete Gandalf's Garden (signed by Muz Murray).
Editors (Gandalf's Gardeners): Muz Murray. Field editor: Alex Lowsiewkee; Head Gardener: Gerry Snelling; Graphics: Pip Bassett, Francois Vasseur, June Cramer, Sue Soar, Ken Hayes, Geoffrey Carton, John Hurford, Carol Blain, Jay Amler, Pat Kyle, Steven Ridgeway, John Power, etc. ; Photography: Chris Ridley, Robin Chapman, Colin Bord, Andy Coventry, Selene, etc. Contributors include Peter Finch, John Mitchell, John Peel, Marc Bolan, Nicki Wood, Geoffrey Ashe, Barney Bubbles, Dave Cumliffe, Viv Broughton, etc. A monthly venture; later: Published as often as possible for people with love. And will appear again when the weather is right. It is the lifestyle of those who produce it. We hope it is yours. (The Voice of the Overground; Overground Free Press).

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