Nos. 1-28 (all publ.). Canton/ New York. The Institute of Further Studies (1972-2002). Offset from typescript, in illustrated stapled wrappers, in excellent condition (in spite of the overlaying edges of the wrappers).

EUR 800.00

Edited by Albert Glover, based on a program by Charles Olson. Each issue devoted to a work by a single author (ab.28-36 pp each): 1. Albert Glover. The Mushroom. 2. Duncan McNaughton. Dream. 3. John Wieners. Woman. 4. Michael Boughn. Mind. 5. Lisa Jarnot. One's Own Language. 6. Fred Wah. Earth. 7. John Clarke. Blake. 8. Robert Duncan. Dante. 9. Alice Notley. Homer's Art. 10. Robin Blaser. Bach's Belief. 11. Robert Dalke. Novalis' "Subjects." 12. George F. Butterick. The Norse. 13. Edward Kissam. The Arabs. 14. Edward Billowitz. American Indians. 15.Harvey Brown. Jazz Playing. 16. Lewis Macadams. Dance. 17.Edward Sanders. Egyptian Hieroglyphs. 18. Michael Bylebyl. Ismaeli Muslimism. 19. David Tirrell. Alchemy. 20. Daniel Zimmerman. Perspective. 21.Drummond Hadley. Vision. 22. James Koller. Messages. 23. Gerritt Lansing. Analytic Psychology. 24. Michael McClure. Organism. 25. John Thorpe. Matter. 26. Joanne Kyger. Phenomenological. 27. Anslem Hollo. Sensation. 28. Robert Grenier. Attention: Seven Narratives.