Nos. 1-14 (all publ.). Placittas,(New Mexico), Duende Press, 1964-1966. Typewritten/mimeographed pages, stapled into illustrated covers, (28 x 21,5 cm, except No. 5 which is slightly smaller and No. 14 which is 35,5 x 21,5 cm). Various colour paper and wrappers; cover of no. 14 (Cycles) with title in orange paint on plain beige boards. Some of the numbers are signed/inscribed. All in excellent condition.

EUR 2,000.00

Complete run of this literary magazine,edited by Larry Goodell. Each issue devoted to the work of a poet: 1. Ronald Bayes: History of the Turtle, Book 1; 2. A.Frederick Franklin: Virgules and Deja Vu (signed); 3. Richard Watson: Cockcrossing; 4. Kenneth Irby: The Roadrunner Poem (inscribed); 5. Margaret Randall: Small Sounds from the Bass Fiddle; 6. Larry Eigner: Murder Talk the Reception; 7. Robert Kelly: Lectiones ; 8. Kenneth Irby: Movements/ Sequences (signed); 9. William Dodd: Se Marier; 10. Ronald Bayes: History of the Turtle.Book 4; 11. Frederick Ward: Poems (signed); 12. William Harris: Poems 1965 (signed); 13. David Franks: Touch (signed); 14. Larry Goodell. Cycles (signed). Covers by: (a.o.) Signe Nelson, Paul Saunders, Joseph Stuart, William Taggart, Martha Weiss, John Czerkowiz (signed), Joseph White, Larry Goodell. (See: A secret location…, page 150/1.)

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