(The original edition and Precursor to Aspen Magazine No. 6A) - MANIPULATIONS. Editor: John Hendricks. New York, Judson Gallery, 1967. One of 500 copies of the precursor to Aspen Magazine No. 6A. Loose materials laid into the original printed folder. A series of works edited by John Hendricks, intact printed envelope (26,5x18,5 cm, cover designed by Ralph Ortiz, in unusually good condition, only light wear and small tears on the opening side and lower edges). Complete with the intact EXPLODE BAG (a paperbag which was meant to be blown-up and exploded) .

EUR 2,000.00

This (the original publication of Manipulations) is partly different and contained -in addition to the content of the later re-edition in Aspen No. 6A - also 11 photographic images of the events and 12 objects of printed pieces. Objects and documents relating to the 12 Evenings of Manipulations (destruction art activities) performed at Judson Gallery, Oct. 1967 Consists of a number of loose sheets and object-multiples in paper form by B. Hendricks, J. Toche, A. Kaprow, A. Hansen, G. Hendricks, M. Goldstein, S. Rose, C. Schneemann, L. Picard, J. Yalkut, C. Moorman, K. Jacobs, K. Millet, N.J. Paik, T. Limura and others. Later reissued by Aspen, but with many items deleted.

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