Nos. 1-74. San Francisco, MRR, first number not dated (ca. Sept/October 1982) - July 1989. Unbound, as issued, 27,2 x 21 cm, about 56-124 pages/issue, printed on newsprint b/w, stapled in the spine. Endemic browning, some ragged edges and minor spine damage, a few numbers with closed tears, chipped corners. Altogether an excellent clean set with only minor damage to two numbers as detailed at the bottom of the footnote.

EUR 5,000.00

Published (originally) by Jeff Bale, Jeff Berlin, Mark Berlin, Roseann Berlin, Jello Biafra, Bob Black, Booth, Eric Bradner, Mickey Creep, Peter Dimaria, Jim Donovan, Ray Farrell, Fletch, Henry Hample, Dave Rave (photographs) etc.; from the actual MRR website we quote: History of MRR- Maximumrocknroll is a widely distributed monthly fanzine dedicated to supporting the underground punk rock scene. MRR's 20-year plus history and large, obsessed all-volunteer staff has made its punk rock coverage the most consistently up-to-date and reliable around. Several major media conglomerates control most music produced today. In contrast, MRR reinforces the values of the punk underground by remaining independent and not-for-profit. Maximumrocknroll started in 1977 as a punk rock radio show - one of the first and best of all time. "Tim (Yo) and the Gang" played the latest punk and hardcore sounds from across the world, the U.S., and from their home in the bristling SF Bay Area punk scene. "The gang" included personalities like Jeff Bale, Ruth Schwartz, and Jello Biafra. Punk antiheroes regularly visited as guest DJs, and the roster of touring bands interviewed on the show reads like the track list on a classic old comp. The show was notable for the immediacy of the music, a dedication to international coverage (rare at the time), and for explicitly interjecting progressive politics into the dialogue of punk. The show became hugely successful in the underground, and eventually was broadcast from stations across the U.S. and abroad. Maximumrocknroll, in its zine form, first appeared in 1982 as the newsprint booklet in Not So Quiet On the Western Front, a comp LP released on then-Dead Kennedys' label Alternative Tentacles. The comp included 47 Nevada and Northern California bands, many of whom went on to ruin thousands of impressionable kids for productive civic life by releasing some of the best punk records ever….. The Maximumrocknroll columns section has served as the punk scene's gossipy party line for decades…. By remaining stable on the one hand, flipping the bird with the other, MRR's controversial personality has affected-or infected-the history of punk rock for all time. Added: Collectors Issue Number 8. Noted Damages: no 2 has a tear in first 2 pages without loss of text or image, no.10 has half of an inside page missing and a corner torn of another page.

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