(O.Blek). A Journal of Language Arts

Nos. 1-12 (all publ.). NY & Stockbridge: Garlic Press/Oblek Editions, 1987-1993. Orig. wrappers, 12 issues in 13 numbers (19x13,5cm)(no 12 in 2 parts on larger size).
Edited by Peter Gizzi and Connell McGrath. Cover art by Norman Bluhm, Trevor Winkfield, Brian Schorn, Win Knowlton, Jess, among others. With contributions by Coolidge, Jabes, Michael Palmer, Charles Bernstein, Charles Simic, Creeley, Mac Low, Hejinian, Berrigan, Ashbery, Spicer, Duncan, Volume 9 is a Burning Deck 30th anniversary tribute issue. Volume 9, on size 15x23 cm) in 2 parts is called: Writing from the New Coast,Technique + Presentation.