Publicação sazonal de artes e letras.

Nos. 1-4 (all published). Lisbon, Primavera 1979- Maio 1982. Original pictorial wrappers, (ab.80-150 pages each),stapled in the spine, except for no 4, which is thicker, 256 pages. Size: 30x21,5cm. Fully illustrated. (Some dustsoilage to the covers,corners slightly bumped). Rare.

EUR 600.00

Periodical of the Portuguese avant-garde, with surrealist tendency and leaning toward the counterculture. Directed by Joào Miguel Barros, Maria José Freitas. Contributions by Rocha de Sousa (Opening article Áspectos de as Artes Plasticas em Portugal,1974/78), also Michel Tap (architecture), Luis Serpa (graphic design), Ana Haterly, Leonel Moura, E.M.Melo e Castro (on avant-garde art and an article on Avant-Garde periodicals 1940-1980 in Number 2), Ernesto de Sousa, Surrealismo em Portugal, Jacqueline Risset, Ant. Maria Lisboa, Enrico Gonçalves, Stefan Morawski; etc. Attention for new art forms, conceptual art (Vostell, Beuys), happenings, counterculture, psychedelics, etc. No. 4: (Número final) Perspectivas actuais da cultura Portuguesa. With contributions by Manuel Hermino Monteiro, J.M.A.Judice, etc., on aspects of Portuguese avant-garde art, literature, cinema, etc. with numerous illustrations.