(Changing title: City of Los Angeles Oracle; - So. Calif. Oracle).

Vol. 1 no. 1 - 9 (possibly all), Los Angeles, (March 1967)- (January 1968). Los Angeles. Size (h/w): 37,5 x 29 cm. Tabloid. Newsprint, very good copies. Added: - Oracle Anthology I. A cronicle of the Aquarian Age. Collectors edition.Copyright 1969. Los Angeles. Gryphon House. 24 pages. & -Aquarian Oracle. Vol. 1 no 1, 1970. Spiritual Symposium of Awareness. Los Angeles, Big Sur ,San Francisco. 32 pages, colourprint.
The Los Angeles counterpart of the San Francisco Oracle. Edited by Joe Dana, Rick Strauss a.o. Wonderfully produced with coloured covers and coloured art-work inside, all very psychedelic, hippie, flowerpower. Contributions by Nick Kaaren, Ray Fragosa, Clarence Lake, Liz Greene, John Vicente, Sri Narad, George Harrison, Wm.Margolis, Tim Leary, a.o. The Nov. '67 issue contains a long feature: Birth of a Tribe. No. 8 (December 1967) contains 2 black-lite posters.