Unabhängige Zeitschrift für Kultur und Politik.

Published every fourteen days in Hamburg (Germany). Tabloid size. Collection comprising the years 1959 through 1964 inclusive, as follows: Year 1959: 16 numbers present: Nos. 1-3, 8-16, 18-23/24 (out of 24 nos published). Occasional waterdamage and staining to some issues, in particular no 14 and the last 2; the last page of no 23/24 is missing); Year 1960: Nos. 1-23/24 (complete) in generally
good condition; Year 1961: Nos. 1-23/24 (lacking no. 8 and 17, to be complete) in generally good condition except no 1, which is in poor condition with some waterdamage. Then publication becomes monthly, reducing to a slightly smaller size.; Year 1962 Nos. 1-12 (complete); Year1963 Nos. 1 and 3-12, and Year 1964 Nos. 1-7/8. Hamburg: Klaus Röhl, 1962-1964. Tabloid size magazine with each between 28 and 32 pages, many illustrations in black and white and color. All in good condition except for 1962 no 4 of which the rear wrapper is wrinkled.
An important early collection of one of the most controversial papers in Germany. Originally a students paper it became more important when Ulrike Marie Meinhof becomes the verantwortliche Redakteur. Before that time her husband, Claus Rainer Röhl, had that function. It has a varied content, all focussing on the great controversies of the period. Ulrike Meinhof was chief editor from 1960-1964. and the issues offered include many of her articles and columns (See Jutta Ditfurth, Ulrike Meinhof:Bibliographie). Covers have interesting designs, satirical drawings and/or photocompositions, signed by Siko, Jutta & Jürgen Corleis, W. Grässe, Hermann Landefeld, United Artists, Karl Weisgärber a.o. The first number of 1959 has on the front cover the text of Günther Anders: An den Studentenkongress gegen Atomrüstung. Articles and contributions by (a.o.) H.M. Enzensberger, and several other important names from the period.

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