Nos. 1-4/5 (five numbers in four issues, first three in original wrappers ,Numbers 4/5, "The Patchen issue": stiff decorated wrappers). All published. New Orleans/Tuscon, 1961-1969. (With a few additions as described below).

EUR 1,000.00

Edited and hand-printed by Lou & Jon Webb. Complete run of this important magazine of art and literature from the Loujon Press. (Volume 1, numbers 1, 2, 3, and volume 2, numbers 4/5, complete in 4 issues. New Orleans (nos. 1-3) and Tucson (nos. 4/5): Loujon Press, Fall, 1961; Summer, 1962; Spring, 1963; and Winter 1968-69). Contributions by Bukowski, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Mezz Mezzrow, Charles Olson, Harold Norse, Rexroth, Lawrence Durrell, D. Levertov, DiAna di Prima, Dick Higgins, Henry Miller, Gary Snyder, LeRoi Jones, Robert Bly, and many, many others. Large section of the final issue is devoted to Kenneth Patchen. Illustrated with photographs. Laid in no 4/5 are: an Outsider order blank, creased and with some silverfish damage; "The Editor's Bit and Obit," an account of the making of this issue and the many afflictions that beset the editors (also printed in the magazine); and a reprint of an article from the Tucson newspaper describing the disastrous effects of a flash flood that destroyed much of the stock.