Arte oggi in Italia/ art: what's happening in Italy today.

Vol. 1 nos. 1-6; Vol. 2 nos. 1-4 (all published). Milano, Editore "Ed. 912. Edizioni di cultura contemporanea". Together 10 numbers in 9 (no. 3-4 is a double issue, printed and bound as "tête-bèche" with a cover for each issue). Unbound in the original wrappers, some very light dust-soilage, otherwise in good to excellent condition. Number 6 with the screw.
Art magazine pulished by "Ed.912, focusing on contemporary avant-garde art and art movements in or related to Italy. With important Fluxus issue.Published in English with parallel Italian text. Daniela Palazzoli Dirretore responsabile / Editor. Comitato editoriale / Editorial council: Germano Celant, Mario Diacono,Daniela Palazzoli, Tommasso Trin . Richly illustrated issues varying in length from 32 - 126 pages. Contributions by and features on: Bruno Munari (letter, in No. 1), Kounellis, Schifano, Enrico Baj, Dan Flavin, Jon Phetteplace, Gianni Emilio Simonetti, Lamberto Pignotti, Concert Fluxus (in no 2), Arman, Brecht, Cage, Castellano, Twombly, Tinguely, Wesselman, Alviani, Scheggi, Arakawa, Bauermeister, Warhol, Vautier, etc.; Interview with Lucio Fontana (No. 5), Biennale di Venezia, Celant, Triennale di Milano, Documenta Kassel, News on Galleries and Exhibitions in Italy. Later issues include also articles on cinema, theatre, music and the current student movements (Anno 2 no 2 on Rudi Dutschke). See: Maffei/Peterlin, p. 71/73.

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