Nos. 1 - 10 (all publ.). San Francisco. 1982-1989. Nine physical issues (8/9 was double). Orig. wrappers (Varying sizes between 27,5x21 cm, and 23x15 cm).

EUR 450.00

Edited by David Levi Strauss. Initially a general literary periodical with a focus on new poetry in the SF Bay Area. Contributions by Duncan, Meltzer, Palmer, Eigner, Berkson a.o. Starting with no. 3 attention moves toward the "Language" writers. No. 5 is "A Book of Correspondences for Jack Spicer" . No. 7 "Analytic Lyric"; No. 8/9 "Translating Tradition: Paul Celan in France"; No. 10 "in relation," (to previous issues of ACTS, and to world issues). Rare complete.