A group of 9 issues of the rare "first"
Témoin of which 5 years were published prior to WW1 (a revival was published from 1933-1935, again initiated by Paul Iribe, and prior to WW2). Available are Nos. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. (4e Année); 17 avril - 29 mai 1909. Light foxing, but otherwise good. 3e Année : No. 25, 20 juin 1908 (La vérité sur le discours de Guillaume II). Soiled and a bit damaged; and 3e Année: No. 49 (n.d.) which is L'Affaire Steinheil.

EUR 1,500.00

With partly coloured full-page illustrations by Paul Iribe, Fernand Fau, Juan Gris, Xavier Gosé, Polida, Grossmann, Portalez, Florane, W. Howard, Florane, George Delaw a.o.

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