Number 1: (published as vol. 13 no. 1, 1 June 1968 (In fact the first number published). London, 1968. 50 x 38 cm. 8 pages.with photos and drawings. Printed in black and red. In excellent condition. Together with Number 3: Vol.13 no 3, 19 July 1968. London,1968, 54x44 cm. 8 pages with photos and drawings. Printed in b/w. (This number folded, with some damage on the fold of the frontpage, and soiled and browned over the folds).
Togteher with Volume 14 no 17. May 16,1969. Tabloid, newsprint, 12 pages. With photos and drawings; folded twice; light edgewear.
"Special Youth Issue". New Scotland Yard: What a bloody nerve. Five free papers have been threatened by the police (OZ, IT, Rolling Stone, Black Dimensions, Black Dwarf),
The Black Dwarf was a political and cultural newspaper published between May 1968 and 1972 by a collective of socialists in the United Kingdom. It is often identified with Tariq Ali who edited and published this newspaper until 1970, Editorial group: Clive Goodwin, Tariq Ali, Ropbin Fior, David Mercer, Adrian Mitchell, Mo Teitelbaum. First number on the May 1968 student revolt in Paris. Frontpage with fullpage photomontage of text "We shall fight, we will win. Paris, London, Rome, Berlin" (printed in black and red) on photo of students waving banners during their occupation of university - buildings of the Sorbonne in Paris, May 1968. Contributions by Jean-Jacques Lebel, , Patrick Procktor,, a.o. Number 3: On front page REVOLUCION SI !. Articles by John Berger, Ray Challinor, Tony Southall, Peter Weiss (Havana 1968), Che's last two years of struggle. CUBA SI !. Arab Revolution, David Mercer (Czechs mated), Malcolm Caldwell (On from Sukarno), etc.

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